St Barnabas Church Memorial

St Barnabas Church Memorial. Photo by Adrian Lee.
St Barnabas Church Memorial. Photo by Redbridge Museum.
St Barnabas Church
127 Snakes Lane
Woodford Green

A memorial in the churchyard of St. Barnabas Church, Woodford Green, commemorates 57 men of the congregation who died in the First World War. A marble figure of Christ upon a wooden cross is presented upon a three-tiered stone plinth. Above the figure of Christ are the letters ‘INRI’ which symbolise the Latin phrase ‘ ‘Jesus, King of the Jews’, and is common on most crucifixes. The names of those who died are embossed on a metal plaque which is attached to the base of the memorial.

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Biography available.

Name Regiment Year of death
Albert William Elvin Norfolk Regiment 1918
Arthur Arnold Crow Essex Regiment 1917
Arthur Barton Essex Regiment 1917
Arthur George David De Bank Royal Navy 1918
Arthur Henry Faiers Royal Fusiliers 1917
Benjamin Lawrence Royal Naval Reserve 1919
Charles David Porter Suffolk Regiment 1917
Charles Edward Beardwell Essex Regiment 1916
Charles James Rudland Royal Field Artillery 1917
David Lagdon Essex Regiment 1915
Edgar Evan Holt Phillips Royal Fusiliers 1917
Edward John Bacon Royal Field Artillery 1918
Edward Lagdon Royal Field Artillery 1917
Ernest Brewer Royal Field Artillery 1918
Ernest Charles Langton Royal Berkshire Regiment 1916
Evan Charles Kilcoy Fraser Mackenzie Mercantile Marine 1917
Francis Humphry John Robilliard Lincolnshire Regiment 1917
Frederick Arthur John Orange London Regiment 1917
Frederick John Farrow Royal Navy 1916
Frederick William Martin Royal Engineers 1920
Frederick William Maylin London Regiment 1915
Geoffrey James Gunning Royal Field Artillery 1918
George Bradley Essex Regiment 1916
George Law Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 1916
Graham Scott Tank Corps 1918
Henry John Oakley Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 1916
Horace George Pigot Canadian Infantry 1915
James Edward Chart Middlesex Regiment 1916
John Alexander Macallan London Regiment 1916
John Arthur Richard Rose Hampshire Regiment 1916
John Edgar Wolton Lancashire Fusiliers 1918
John Edwin Curtis Royal Field Artillery 1919
Leonard Clarke Royal Fusiliers 1919
Leonard George Hirst Royal Engineers 1918
Leonard Samuel Skingsley Essex Regiment 1915
Leslie Harry Skingsley Essex Regiment 1918
Leslie William Gilbert Stagg Royal Air Force 1918
Martin James Edward Wassell Royal Navy 1916
Norman Holt Phillips Honourable Artillery Company 1918
Reginald Bernard Patman Royal Fusiliers 1916
Richard James Fox Northumberland Fusiliers 1914
Richard Lagdon Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 1917
Ronald Baldwin Brown Australian Army Pay Corps 1918
Stanley Benjamin Oakley Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 1916
Thomas Reginald Page Suffolk Regiment 1918
Walter Middleton Witherick Essex Regiment 1916
William Charles Jarvis The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1918
William David Latchford Army Service Corps 1916
William Frederick Halls Essex Regiment 1915
William Frederick Mark Bell Royal Engineers 1915
William James Middleton Royal Air Force 1918
William James Westwood Bedfordshire Regiment 1917
William Robert John Savill Royal Field Artillery 1918
William Stokes Scott South Staffordshire Regiment 1917
William Stuart Lock Maxwell London Regiment 1917