Percival Angus Gibbons Memorial Shield

Percival Angus Gibbons Memorial Shield. Photo by Redbridge Museum.
St Lukes Church
Baxter Road

Percival Angus Gibbons is commemorated at St. Luke’s Church, Ilford. The memorial is one of nine similar memorials, dedicated to members of the Bible Class who lost their lives during the war. The shield-shaped carved stone crests are situated at the tops of the pillars on either side of the aisle.

The crest commemorating Percival features a carved regimental badge of the Rifle Brigade. Percival’s brother, Arthur L. Gibbons, is also commemorated on one of these shields.

Unfortunately St. Luke’s church was damaged by a bomb during the Second World War, completely destroying one of the crests and causing damage to some of the remaining eight. This one survived intact.


St. Luke’s Church, Ilford: Golden Jubilee, 1915 -1965. Souvenir Brochure (At I&H)

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Name Regiment Year of death
Percival Angus Gibbons Rifle Brigade 1915