Alfred John Kilpack Carter

Middlesex Regiment
Date of death 
20 November 1917
Age of death 
13 Maybank Cottages
Maybank Road
South Woodford
E18 1ER
Address source 
1911 Census
Cemetery / Memorial 

Born in 1885 at Woodford, son of Arthur (Jobbing Gardener) and Susan Carter. 1891: With his family in one of the cottages along Woodford High Road. 1901: A Domestic Gardener still with his family at 10 Maybank Cottages, Maybank Road, South Woodford. 1911: A Grocers Porter, still with his family at 13 Maybank Cottages Maybank Road, South Woodford. In 1912 he married Lydia Barrett. Their home in 1916 was at 2 St James’ Terrace, Peel Road, South Woodford - later number 17. He enlisted at Warley.

20th November 1917 was the first day of the Battle of Cambrai, an attack supported by tanks which aimed to occupy part of the German defensive “Hindenburg Line”. The assault which began at 06.20 ranged over a six mile front, and proved an initial success. However the British failed to fully reinforce and consolidate their gains, only to see them lost later in the month to a strong German counter attack.

Alfred Carter was Killed in Action during the first day of fighting.

Research by Adrian Lee, Local Historian