Geoffrey Yates Gross

Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
Date of death 
9 April 1916
Age of death 
Cemetery / Memorial 

Born on 10th August 1890 in East Dulwich Infirmary, son of Charles (MD and Surgeon - MRCS) and Constance Gross. 1891: At St Saviours Infirmary, Westmorland Road, Walworth, where his father was Medical Superintendent. His father became a Barrister at 3 Elm Court, Middle Temple, and died on 28th August 1899. 1901: With his uncle Rev. Alfred W. Gross at the Rectory, Milton, Northamptonshire; his mother was in Gloucestershire. From 1903-1909 he was educated at Epsom College, becoming a prefect and Sergeant in the OTC. He served in the Inns of Court Regiment from 1909-1913. 1911: An Insurance Clerk at Lloyds (C.T. Browning Co.), living with his widowed Mother (now a Boarding House Keeper) at 11 Downe Terrace, Richmond Hill, Surrey. In 1914 he married Maud Mary Ashburnham. His Will gives their address as 29 Iverna Gardens, Kensington.

He returned to duty and was Commissioned when war broke out, at length joining the above Regiment. His death at Arras is recorded in the Battalion War Diary: “At Arras in the early morning of 9th April 1916, when it was misty, Captain GROSS and Lieutenant DOBIE, with CSM CROSSLEY, went out to inspect the wire in front of the fire trench. While they were doing so, the enemy suddenly opened fire. Lieutenant DOBIE fell dead into a crater, the others got back except Captain GROSS, who was left out wounded. CSM CROSSLEY, Sergeant A HAMMOND (No.6348.) and Lance Corporal F LIDDAMORE (No.1036.) crept out under fire and succeeded in dragging Captain GROSS back to the trench. He however died a few minutes later. In doing this CSM CROSSLEY was killed and Lance Corporal F LIDDAMORE got a bullet through his clothing. Sergeant A HAMMOND was untouched”.

It is unclear how Gross was connected to Woodford but his uncle, Rev. Alfred William Gross, was resident of “Hawthornes” Whitehall Road at the end of the war and into the 1930s. It may be that he arranged for his nephew’s name to be added to the Roll of Honour at All Saints Church.

Research by Adrian Lee, Local Historian


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