Frederick John Kimberley

Lancashire Fusiliers
Date of death 
20 April 1918
Age of death 
3 Lyme Villas
Carnarvon Road
South Woodford
E18 2NT
Address source 
1911 Census
Cemetery / Memorial 

Born in the spring of 1896 at South Woodford, son of John (Domestic Gardener) and Sarah Kimberley. 1901: With his family at 3 Lyme Villas, Carnarvon Road, South Woodford. 1911: A Scholar aged 14, still with his family at 3 Lyme Villas.

In 1915 he married Elsie M. Douse and their little boy was called Frederick like his dad. The focus of his life had moved away from Woodford to Nevendon just south of Wickford, and it was at nearby Pitsea that he entered the Army. Having initially been allocated to the Norfolk Regiment as private 205429, he was transferred to 11 Lancashire Fusiliers from 27th July 1917.   

During the period 18/21 April 1918 as the German Spring Offensive continued, the Battalion was performing a close support role at St Jans Cappel where it became part of a composite Battalion. These were formed when the level of attrition or disruption suffered by regular Battalions was such, that those surviving were combined with others in a similar situation to create a reasonably strong single unit.

It is known that the village was shelled by the Germans on 20th April, so possibly this is what caused Frederick Kimberley to be Killed in Action.

His name also appears on the Wickford War Memorial.

Research by Adrian Lee, Local Historian


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