Albert George Victor Tyler

Royal Fusiliers
Date of death 
7 July 1916
Age of death 
4 High Elms
Woodford Green
Postcode Unknown
Address source 
1911 Census
Cemetery / Memorial 

Born at Hackney in 1897, the son of William (Metropolitan Police Constable at Woodford) and Rachel Mary Tyler. 1911: A scholar and house boy living with his family at 4 High Elms, Woodford Green (Walthamstow). Address for his mother was later given as "Limbourne" Horn Lane, Woodford Green. His father had been based at Woodford Police Station for many years.

He was employed by Messrs Wilkins Bros. Drapers, Woodford High Road as a Drapers Assistant when he joined the forces in January 1915. He was drafted to the Dardanelles entering that area on 16th June 1915. He sustained a wound to his left leg while bayonet charging the Turks. Falling into a trench with a Turk who was armed with a knife, he killed the Turk and took the knife which his parents had as a souvenir. He was invalided home with his 15 year old brother Fred who had been shot through the shoulder. He re-mustered with 8th Royal Fusiliers and was sent to France.

On the first day of the Battle of the Somme 1st July 1916 the Battalion relieved 8 Division at Ovillers - La Boisselle during the evening. They attacked at 03.15 on 2nd July with mixed success. They attacked again on 7th July and despite heavy casualties in the area of Marsh Valley, they captured both the first and second lines of German trenches near Ovillers. When the roll was called after this engagement, Tyler was found to be missing. His officer wrote to Mrs Tyler that “there are many of my men who went into action on the same day of whom I can find out nothing”, and advised her to prepare for the worst. By mid September it was confirmed that he had been Killed in Action on 7th July 1916, but has no known grave.

Research by Adrian Lee, Local Historian



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